Man pages for camille-s/camiller
Lots of convenience functions

acs_vars2016 ACS variables
add_grpsCollapse variable into groups and sum
bind_selfNeatly bind a data frame to itself, with a column changed
brk_labelsCreate pretty breaks labels
calc_sharesMake table of rates given a denominator
cap_firstCapitalize first letter in string
color_prevPreview color palette
eduEducation levels
gnhGreater New Haven towns
make_grpsCollapse variable into subgroup positions
make_wideArrange estimates, MOEs, etc into wide format
moe_testSignificance testing of differences with MOEs
pipePipe operator
pov_ageRatios to poverty by age
pov_age_10_16Ratios to poverty by age for 2 years
race_popsPopulations by race
theme_dinTheme Din
themed_labelCreate 'cowplot' label based on a ggplot theme
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
town_namesClean up town names as returned from ACS
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