Man pages for cantonfe/sitreeE
Sitree Extensions

AM2016ClimateSensitiveSINorwayClimate-sensitive site index models for Norway
biomass.birch.M1988Marklund's biomass equations
biomass.birch.S2014Implements biomass functions for birch for Norway from Smith...
biomass.M1988Biomass functions of Marklund (1988) and Petterson and Sthål...
biomass.NorwayBiomass functions for Norway
height.of.X.tallest.treesMean height of X tallest trees
lorey.heightLorey's height
PBALBasal area of larger trees
PBAL.dbh.greaterBasal area of larger trees which are at least X cm larger...
picea.abies.volVolumes for Norwegian species
top.heightTop height of the n thickest trees
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