Man pages for caprice-j/ggbash
A Simpler Syntax for ggplot2

add_input_to_historyadd ggbash executed commands in R history
advice_on_errorprint useful debug advice according to the given error...
build_promptbuild a ggbash prompt string
compile_ggbashthe core function of ggbash
copy_to_clipboardcopy a given string to clipboard
define_ggbash_constantsdefine constant values used in ggbash
exec_ggbashexecute raw ggbash commands
execute_ggbash_builtinsexecute ggbash builtins
find_first_by_prefixreturn the first index which contains a given prefix
get_analoguereturn resulted strings of approximate string match
get_geom_paramsget geom parameters
get_possible_aesretrieve all aesthetic names for a given geom
get_required_aesretrieve required aesthetic names for a given geom
get_stat_paramsreturn stat params
ggbashexecute a specified ggbash command
ggbash_Enter into a ggbash session.
parse_after_equalparse symbols after equal sign
parse_ggbash_aesconvert given ggbash strings into ggplot2 aesthetic...
parse_ggbash_non_aesconvert given ggbash strings into ggplot2 non-aesthetic...
parse_plot_attributesparse given plot settings
partial_uniqueConstruct partially unique string list
remove_aesremove aes() function call
remove_unnecessary_marksremove parentheses and marks
save_ggplotsave a ggplot object into a file
set_ggbash_datasetbuild a data frame from a data frame name
set_layer_colnamesset layer-specific column names
show_dataset_column_indicesshow column index list
show_fixit_diagnosticsDisplay useful debugging info for users
show_promptshow ggbash prompt
split_by_pipesplit a given character by a pipe ("|")
split_by_spacesplit a given string by spaces
theme2an enhanced version of ggplot2::theme()
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