Man pages for caravagn/VIBER
VIBER - Variational Inference for Binomial mixtures

choose_clustersFilter clusters heuristic
fit_mvbmm_exampleFit of the attached multivariate Binomial mixture
mvbmm_exampleExample data
plot_2D2D clusters plot.
plot_ELBOPlot the ELBO
plot_latent_variablesPlot the latent variables of the mixture.
plot_mixing_proportionsPlot the mixing proportions of the mixture.
plot_peaksPlot the Binomial peaks of the mixture.
plot.vb_bmmPlot the clustering assignments.
print.vb_bmmPrint to screen the object
summary.vb_bmmPrint to screen the object
variational_fitVariational fit for Binomial mixtures
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