Man pages for cardiomoon/editData
'RStudio' Addin for Editing a 'data.frame'

checkboxInput3Create a side-by-side checkboxInput
dateInput3Create a side-by-side dateInput
editableDTServer function of editData Shiny module
editableDTUIUI of editData Shiny module
editDataA shiny app for editing a 'data.frame'
label3Create a side-by-side label
numericInput3Create a side-by-side numericInput
radioButtons3Create a side-by-side radioButtons
sampleDataSample Data for testing 'editData' addin
selectInput3Create a side-by-side selectInput
selectizeInput3side-by-side selectizeInput
textInput3Create a side-by-side textInput control for entry of...
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