Man pages for carlbona/idd
Incidence difference-in-differences methods with automatic control selection

homevisitsA panel dataset of residential fires in 153 rescue service...
iddIdentify controls and estimate intervention effects.
idd.cfplotPlot the counterfactual.
idd.dplotPlot the raw data.
idd.gplotPlot the estimated effect.
idd.kplotPlot the k-minimization function.
iddplaceboRun placebo studies on untreated units and estimate placebo...
iddplacebo.ecdfPlot the inverse empirical cumulative distribution function...
iddplacebo.histPlot a histogram of placebo effects.
iddplacebo.spaghettiPlot the estimated effects from the placebo studies.
idd.pplotPlot the p-values.
placebociEstimate placebo-based confidence intervals.
placebo.ciplotPlot time-varying placebo-based confidence intervals.
placebo.pplotPlot time-varying placebo-based p-values.
simpanelA toy panel dataset of five age groups, with two poorly...
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