Man pages for casxue/bis557
Coursework for BIS 557

emnistA data set for training, testing, and validation from EMNIST
grapes-times-grapes-.sparse.matrixMatrix multiplication operator for sparse.matrix class
irwls_glm_ridgeFit a iteratively re-weighted generalized linear model w/ a...
linear_modelFit a linear model
lm_pathoA test data set for the linear_model() function
mnist_testA test data set from MNIST
mnist_trainA training data set from MNIST
nn_backward_propBackward propagation function for a neural net
nn_forward_propForward propagation function for a neural net
nn_make_weightsFunction to initialize weights and biases for a neural net
nn_predictPrediction from a training neural net
nn_sgdStochastic gradient descent (SGD) to estimate a neural net
plus-.sparse.matrixAddition operator for sparse.matrix class
ridge_regFit a ridge regression model
ridge_testA test data set for testing the ridge_reg() function
ridge_trainA training data set for testing the ridge_reg() function
sparse_addAddition function for sparse.matrix class
sparse.matrixFunctions for sparse.matrix class
sparse_multiplyMultiplication functions for sparse.matrix class
t.sparse.matrixTranspose function for sparse.matrix class
util_mae_pMean absolute error derivative function
util_mse_pMSE derivative function
util_ReLUReLU function
util_ReLU_pReLU derivative function
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