Man pages for cathal-ryan-96/Tolerance
Calculate TTSC using Tolerance, Prediction and Confidence Upper Bounds

conf_upperCalculates upper confidence limit for TTSC
dif_alphaCreating Tolerance interval for a vector of alpha values
dif_deltaCreating Tolerance interval for a vector of delta values
EMA_methodEMA method for calculating Tolerance interval
Nat_tolTolerance upper bound for Natrella method
Pred_100milkingsDataset which has 100 milking points
Pred_antiDataset regarding to antibiotic dataset
Pred_antisimSimulated data similar to pred_anti to show the effect of not...
Pred_randomDataset for time variable values not equal to just 1
Pred_tableDataset for data from EMA paper
Pred_table_higherData from EMA with a higher LOQ value
Pred_table_lowerData from EMA with a lower LOQ value
pred_upperCalculates upper prediction limit for TTSC
tol_upperTolerance Upper bound
TTSC_checkParent function of package Tolerance
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