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A Suite of R Functions Implementing Spline Smoothing Techniques

acidLake Acidity Study
alogitCalculate the Inverse Logit Transformation
anova.ssrTesting a Non-parametric Function Fitted via Smoothing...
ArosaMonthly Mean Ozone Thickness in Arosa of Switzerland
bdiagConstruct a Block Diagonal Matrix
bondTreasury and GE bonds
canadaTempMonthly Mean Temperatures
chickenpoxChickenpox in New York City
chol.newA Modified Cholesky Decomposition
climateWinter Average Temperatures
dcrdrInterface to Fortran Subroutine dcrdr
deviance.ssrModel Deviance
dmudrInterface of dmudr subroutine in RKPACK
dogCoronary Ainus Potassium Concentrations
dsidrInterface of dsidr subroutines in RKPACK
dsmsInterface to Fortran Subroutine dsms
gdmudrInterface of dbmdr, dbimdr, dgmdr, dpmdr in GRKPACK.
gdsidrInterface of dbsdr, dbisdr, dgsdr, dpsdr in GRKPACK.
hat.ssrExtract the Hat Matrix from a ssr Object
horm.cortHormone Measurements of Cortisol
identScaling a Vector
incFit a Monotone Curve Using a Cubic Spline
intervals.nnrCalculate Predictions and Approximate Posterior Standard...
intervals.slmCalculate Predictions and Posterior Standard Deviations of...
intervals.snmCalculate Predictions and Approximate Posterior Standard...
intervals.snrCalculate Predictions and Approximate Posterior Standard...
kronCalculate reproducing kernels for one-dimensional space
lsplineCalculate Reproducing Kernels for Some L-splines
nnrNonlinear Non-parametric Regression
nnr.controlSet Control Parameters for nnr
parameciumGrowth of paramecium caudatum population
periodicCalculate Reproducing Kernels for Periodic Polynomial Splines...
plot.bCIBayesian Confidence Interval Plot of a Smoothing Spline Fit
plot.ssrGenerate Diagnostic Plots for a ssr Object
PolynomialCalculate Reproducing Kernels for Polynomial Splines on [0,...
Polynomial2Calculate Reproducing Kernels for Polynomial Splines on [0,...
predict.slmPredict Method for Semiparametric Linear Mixed Effects Model...
predict.snmPredictions from a Semiparametric Nonlinear Mixed Effects...
predict.snrPredict Method from a Semiparametric Nonlinear Regression...
predict.ssrCalculate Predictions and Posterior Standard Deviations for a...
print.anova.ssrPrint an anova.ssr Object
print.nnrPrint Values
print.slmPrint Values
print.snmPrint Values
print.snrPrint Values
print.ssrPrint Values
print.summary.nnrPrint Vales
print.summary.slmPrint Values
print.summary.snmPrint Values
print.summary.snrPrint Values
print.summary.ssrPrint Values
rk.prodCalculate product of reproducing kernels
seizureIEEG segments from a seizure patient
ShrinkageCalculate reproducing kernels for Stein shrinkage estimate
sine4pCalculate Reproducing Kernels for Periodic L-Splines with...
slmFit a Semi-parametric Linear Mixed Effects Model
snmFit a Semi-parametric Nonlinear Mixed-effects Model
snm.controlSet Control Parameters for snm
snrFit A Semi-parametric Nonlinear Regression Model
snr.controlSet Control Parameters for snr
sphereCalculate Pseudo Reproducing Kernels for Spherical Splines
ssrFit a General Smoothing Spline Regression Model
ssr.controlSet Control Parameters for 'ssr'
ssr.objectA fitted ssr Object
starMagnitude of the Mira Variable R Hydrae
stratfordDaily maximum temperatures in Stratford
summary.nnrObject Summaries
summary.slmObject Summaries
summary.snmObject Summaries
summary.snrObject Summaries
summary.ssrSummarize a ssr object
ThinCalculate Reproducing Kernels for Thin Plate Splines
TXtempTexas Historical Climate Data
ultraUltrasound imaging of the tongue shape
usatempAverage Winter temperature in the United States
wesdrWisconsin Epidemiological Study of Diabetic Retinopathy
xyplot2Extension of XYPLOT
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