Man pages for cayek/BenchmarkingR

benchCreate a new benchmarkingR project dirrectory if the...
bench.adddatasetadd a data set to BenchmarkingR project
bench.adddataviewerresult viewer
bench.addmethodadd method to BenchmarkingR project
bench.addparameteradd parameter setting for and
bench.addsampleradd sampler to BenchmarkingR project
bench.comparaisonviewerComparaison viewer
bench.dataviewerdata viewer
bench.getdataGetter a dataset
bench.getdata.explorationGetter a data.exploration
bench.getmethodGetter a method
bench.getparamGetter of parameters of a run
bench.getresultGetter of result of a run
bench.heatmapCompute a heatmap of cerrelation between methods pvalue
bench.manhanttanplotmanhattan plot
bench.pcaCompute PCA
bench.plotfdr_powerPlot fdr and power of method for this Use B-H...
bench.plotresplot all res of the computation
bench.removeremove specified already computed benchmark
bench.removedatasetremove dataset
bench.removemethodremove method
bench.removesamplerremove sampler
bench.resultviewerresult viewer
bench.runrun bencmarking
bench.runsampleradd sampler to BenchmarkingR project
bench.samplerviewerrun sampler viewer
bench.savesave the benchmarcking project
bench.snmfCompute sNMF
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