Man pages for cayek/BioCompToolsR

admixture2popSimulationWrapperSample 2 pop simulated with ms
admixture2popSimulationWrapperWithOutlierSample 2 pop simulated with ms. With outlier loci
buildOnPatatorbuild the package on patator
cleanAnswerCompute true power
computeRuntimecompute run time
concatenateDataTake dataset generated by a sampler an concatenate
ddl.resultDownload contest result
fdrControlFdr control with benjamini hochberg
fdrpreCalccompute precision and recall
filterbestkeep only best submision by method and the
freqInPopCompute allele frequency for each SNIPs in each pop. Returns...
Fst2PopCompute the Fst of haplotype between 2 pops.
FstOFCompute the Fst of haplotype with OF formula
lfmm_logit_sampleSample genotype and environmental gradient.
manhattanPlotManhattan plot
multiplotMultiple graphs on one page
openPatatoropen a R session on patator
plotPcPlot pc1 and pc2
plotSNPfoldedspectrumPlot folded allele frequency spectrum
plotSNPspectrumThe allele frequency spectrum
power_fdrPower and Fdr
QfromPopCompute ancestry coeficient from pop allocation
renderOnPatatorRender Rmarkdown on patator
rmsecompute the root mean square error
rmse_withBestPermutationCompute the root mean square error between matrix by...
rmse_withBestPermutation.greedyCompute the root mean square error between matrix by...
runPatatorload code on patator
RunsNMFAn sNMF wrapper for a good integration to R
sample_correlated_XSample a normaly distributed variable X such that cor(X,Y) =...
SFdS.runOnSimufor SFdS paper
SFdS.runOnTrueDatafor SFdS paper
SFdS.runOnTrueData.timefor SFdS paper
SNPfoldedspectrumThe folded allele frequency spectrum
SNPspectrumThe allele frequency spectrum
trueFDRCompute true FDR
truePowerCompute true power
trueTPandFDRFdr control with benjamini hochgerg. This function compute...
winnergive the winner
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