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manyregs --- Flexible and concise regression analysis

adjustment_from_stringConvert character representation of a list of adjustments to...
adjustment_separatorString used in character representation of a list of...
adjustment_to_stringConvert a list of adjustment variables to a character vector
as.character.manyregs_modelCoerce a model to type character.
compare_distrosCompare distributions using a Chi-Squared test
compare_meansCompare the means of two groups using a t-test
covariate_separatorString separating names of covariates in formula string.
create_modelsCreate models from ingredients.
create_pdfCreate plots with confidence intervals of exposure variable
distroSummarize distribution of a continuous variable
distrosSummarize distribution of a continuous variable
escape_charactersEscape characters from character class
filter_modelsExtract models with selected outcomes, exposures, and...
find_combinationsFind all combination of outcomes, exposures, and adjustments
find_device_dimensionsFind dimensions of device region for plotting models
find_estimatesExtract estimates from fitted model
find_layoutFind layout for plots
find_number_ofFind number of outcomes, exposures, or adjustments
find_page_row_column_variablesMatch values of variables to different parts of a layout
find_pages_rows_columnsMap outcomes, exposures, and adjustments to pages, rows, and...
find_plot_labelsFind row, column, and page labels for model
find_position_in_layoutFind the position of a model in a layout
find_segment_limitsFind x and y ranges of segments
find_segments_to_plotFind segments to plot (as confidence intervals)
find_variablesFind outcomes, exposures, adjustments from a list of models
find_xy_rangesFind x and y ranges for confidence intervals for a list of...
fit_modelsFit models.
formula.manyregs_modelConvert model to formula.
freqTabulate a categorical variable.
freqsTabulate categorical variables from data frame
is_categoricalIs variable categorical in model?
manyregs-packagemanyregs - Flexible and concise regression analysis
model_to_formula_stringConvert model to a formula-like string.
new_modelCreate a new model object of S3 class "manyregs_model".
plot.manyregs_modelPlot model.
plot_modelsPlot fitted models
print.manyregs_modelPrint model.
remove_slotsRemove slots from a model.
sort_modelsSort a list of models
sort_models_for_plottingSort models for plotting in a layout of pages, rows, and...
summarize_modelsSummarize a list of models.
summary.manyregs_modelSummarize model.
translateTranslate strings
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