Man pages for cbaumbach/miscFun
Miscellaneous functions

all_neighborsTest whether a binary predicate holds for all direct...
ave2Apply function over level combinations of factors
cluster1dGroup one-dimensional data into clusters of contiguous points
colClassesExpand template into 'read.table's 'colClasses' argument
count_points_per_intervalCount how many points fall into each interval
double_quoteSurround string(s) with double/single quotes
evalfEval a piece of code supplied in a C-style string format
exitExit from running R job
find_duplicatesExtract duplicated rows from data frame.
find_first_matchFind first matching candidate
find_matching_intervalsFind intervals containing a set of points
flatten_csvFlatten list of strings of comma-separated elements
flipFlip 1st and 2nd argument of a function
grapes-not_in-grapesOpposite of '%in%'
group_wordsGroup words in chunks of given length
gzheadOutput the first part of gzip-files
invert_mapInverting a map
is.directoryTest for directory
is_duplicated_inDuplicated elements
make_observerCreate function for keeping track of values
make_pairsCreate all [un]ordered pairs from two vectors
match1ofFind matching candidate
match_intervalsFind intervals containing points
maybeMaybe apply function to value
miscFun-packageMiscellaneous functions
mkdirCreate directories
nfieldsReturn number of columns in file
noopDo nothing
nsubexpCount number of parenthesized subexpressions
nuniqReturn number of unique elements
one_per_elementOne value per vector element
one_per_rowOne value per row
order_intervalsOrder intervals in increasing order
prPrint message
read.tablesRead and concatenate tables
renameReturn modified names of object
same_lengthTest whether all arguments have the same length
sort_intervalsSort intervals in increasing order
submatchExtract submatches from strings
wait_untilSuspend execution until deadline
wrap_linesWrap strings across lines
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