Man pages for cboettig/earlywarning
Detection of Early Warning Signals for Catastrophic Bifurcations

bootstrap_trendparameteric bootstrap the correlation coefficient under both...
compareBootstrap parameters and likelihood ratios
constOUOU model for stable system
convergeconverge generic test
converge.gaussTest if a gaussian model fit has converged
dc.gaussprobability density
fit_modelsfit both constant and time-dependent model
fitted.gaussextract the fitted model parameters
get_replicatesextract the replicates simulations by model
lik_ratiosextract the likelihood ratios under both null and test...
logLik.gaussextract the logLik
LSNLinearized Saddle Node model
parameter_bootstrapsextract a data.frame of parameters from the bootstrapped...
pc.gausscumulative density function
rc.gaussrandom number draw from a gauss model
roc_dataCompute data to draw an ROC curve
simulate.gausssimulate method
stability_modelstability model fitting
summary_statisticapply a summary statistic over a set of replicate data
update.gaussupdate routine for gaussian model fits
warningtrendcalculate the correlation coefficient of some summary...
window_ar.olsCompute autocorrelation over a sliding window by a least...
window_autocorrCompute autocorrelation over a sliding window
window_cvCompute the coefficient of variation (var/mean) in a sliding...
window_kurtosiCompute kurtosis
window_meanCompute mean over a sliding window
window_skewCompute skew in a sliding window
window_varCompute variance over a sliding window
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