Man pages for cboettig/taxald
A High-Performance Local Taxonomic Database Interface

by_commonLook up taxonomic information by common name
by_idReturn a taxonomic table matching the requested ids
by_nameLook up taxonomic information by scientific name
by_rankGet all members (descendants) of a given rank level
clean_namesClean taxonomic names
common_containscommon name starts with
common_starts_withcommon name starts with
filter_byCreates a data frame with column name given by 'by', and...
fuzzy_filterMatch names that start or contain a specified text string
mutate_dbAdd new variables to a database
name_containsreturn all taxa in which scientific name contains the text...
name_starts_withscientific name starts with
taxa_tblReturn a reference to a given table in the taxadb database
td_connectConnect to the taxadb database
td_createcreate a local taxonomic database
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