profiler-package: Profile Analysis of Multivariate Data in R

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The package profileR provides a set of multivariate methods and data visualization tools to implement profile analysis and cross-validation techniques described in Davison & Davenport (2002), Bulut (2013), and other resources.This package includes routines to perform criterion-related profile analysis, profile analysis via multidimensional scaling, moderated profile analysis, profile analysis by group, and a within-person factor model to derive score profiles.


Okan Bulut [email protected]

Christopher David Desjardins [email protected]


Bulut, O. (2013). Between-person and within-person subscore reliability: Comparison of unidimensional and multidimensional IRT models. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Minnesota. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. (AAT 3589000).

Davison, M. L., & Davenport, E. C. (2002). Identifying criterion-related patterns of predictor scores using multiple regression. Psychological Methods, 7(4), 468-484.

Davison, M. L., Kim, S-K., & Close, C. W. (2009). Factor analytic modeling of within person variation in score profiles. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 44, 668-87.

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