Man pages for cedricbatailler/JSmediation
Mediation Analysis Using Joint Significance

add_indexAdd an indirect effect index to a fitted mediation model
add_index.moderated_mediationadd_index method for moderated mediation
add_index.simple_mediationadd_index method for simple mediation
add_index.within_participant_mediationadd_index method for within-participant mediation
apastylrCreate an APA formatted character from a significance test
build_contrastBuild a contrast code from character vector
display_modelsDisplay models from a mediation object
dohle_siegristData set showing within-subject analysis (long-format)
dohle_siegrist_wideData set showing within-subject analysis (wide-format)
extract_modelExtract a single model from a mediation_model object
extract_modelsExtract models from a mediation_model object
extract_tidy_modelsExtract models from a mediation object as a data frame
ho_et_alData set showing simple and moderated mediation analysis
mdt_moderatedFit a moderated mediation model
mdt_simpleJoint-significance test for simple mediation
mdt_withinJoint-significance test for within-participant mediation
mdt_within_wideFit a within-participant mediation model (wide-format input)
pipePipe operator
print.indirect_indexPrint method for object of class 'indirect_index'
print.mediation_modelPrint method for object of class 'mediation_model'
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
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