Man pages for ceparman/CoreAPI
Core API fucntions

apiCallapiCall - Base call to Core REST API.
attachFileattachFile - Attaches a file to an entity or file attribute.
authBasicauthBasic - Authenticates against the LIMS using basic...
buildUrlbuildUrl - build URL for call to Core REST API.
coreAPIcoreAPI - Creates a object of class coreAPI that contains...
createEntitycreateEntity - Create a new instance of a entity.
createExperimentSamplecreateExperimentSample- Creates an experiment sample.
createSampleLotcreateSampleLot - Creates a lot of a sample.
experimentPublishexperimentPublish Publishes an experiment.
experimentUnPublishexperimentUnPublish Unpublishes an experiment.
getCellContentsgetCellContents - Gets information about container cell...
getContainerLineagegetContainerLineage - Get lineage for a container by barcode
getEntityByBarcodegetEntityByBarcode - Get an entity from the LIMS by barcode.
getEntityByIdgetEntityById - Get an entity from the LIMS by entity ID.
getEntityByNamegetEntityByName - Get an entity from the LIMS by name.
getExperimentSamplesgetExperimentSamples - Gets experiment and experiment samples...
logOutlogOut -Log user out of the LIMS.
transferCellContentstransferCellContents - Transfers contents from one cell to...
updateCellContentsupdateCellContents - Puts a cell lot in a container cell.
updateEntityupdateEntity - Updates an instance of a entity.
updateExperimentContainersupdateExperimentContainers - Adds a container to an...
updateExperimentSampleDataupdateExperimentSampleData - Update experiment sample data.
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