API for cezden/ExpFamilyLab
Abstraction of the Exponential Families

Global functions
ExpFam_density Man page
ExpFam_density.ExpFam_dist_canonical Man page
ExpFam_density.ExpFam_param Man page
ExpFam_density_eta Man page
ExpFam_density_eta.ExpFam_dist Man page
ExpFam_density_theta Man page
ExpFam_density_theta.ExpFam_dist Man page
ExpFam_dist Man page
ExpFam_dist_canonical Man page
ExpFam_dist_ext Man page
ExpFam_dist_reparam Man page
ExpFam_param Man page
ExpFam_reparametrize.ExpFam_dist_canonical Man page
ExpFam_reparametrize.ExpFam_param Man page
Reparam_Inverse Man page
Reparam_Logit Man page
bind_parametrization Man page
bind_parametrization.ExpFam_dist_ext Man page
dist_ext_Bernoulli Man page
dist_ext_Exponential Man page
distributions.mode.beta Man page
has_stat_GLM Man page
rename_farg_with_proto Man page
reparametrize_function_grad_with_proto Man page
reparametrize_function_hess_with_proto Man page
reparametrize_function_with_proto Man page
simplify_Ryacas Man page
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