Man pages for cfhammill/fresnel
Elegant Data Manipulation with Lenses

attributes_lAttributes lens
attr_lConstruct a lens into an attribute
body_lBody lens
c_lConvenient lens composition
class_lClass lens
collapse_lCollapse Lens
colnames_lA lens into the column names of an object
cols_lColumn lens
cond_ilConditional lens
diag_lLens into the diagonal of a matrix
dim_lDims lens
dimnames_lDimnames lens
drop_while_ilConditional trim lens
env_lEnvironment lens
fext_lCreate a lens into the file extension
filter_ilFilter lens
filter_lFilter lens
first_lA lens into the first element
fname_lLens into the name and extension of a path
formals_lFormals lens
fpath_lLens into the path of the file
fstem_lLens into the extensionless file
id_lThe identity (trivial lens)
indexes_lConstruct a lens into a subset of an object
index_lConstruct a lens into an index/name
last_lA lens into the last element
lensConstruct a lens
lens-composeCompose lenses
levels_lLevels lens
lower_tri_lLens into lower diagonal elements
map_lPromote a lens to apply to each element of a list
names_lA lens into the names of an object
oscopeBind data to a lens
overMap a function over a lens
over_mapMap a function over a list lens
over_withMap a function over an in scope lens
path2list_lConvert paths to vectors of path components
pipePipe operator
reshape_lLens into a new dimension(s)
rev_lReverse lens
rownames_lA lens into the row names of an object
rows_lRow lens
select_lTidyselect elements by name
sendSet one lens to the view of another
send_overSet one lens to the view of another (transformed)
setModify data with a lens
slab_lSlab lens
slice_lSlice lens
slot_lSlot lens
strsplit_lStrsplit lens
substr_lA lens into a substring
take_lConstruct a lens into a prefix of a vector
take_while_ilConditional head lens
t_lMatrix transpose lens
to_lPromote a function to a 'getter' lens
transpose_lLens into a list of rows
unlist_lUnlist lens
upper_tri_lLens into upper diagonal elements
viewView data with a lens
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