Man pages for cfree14/freeR
Miscellaneous functions in R

all_fishAll fish and invertebrates in FishBase and SeaLifeBase
axlimSet rounded axis limits
ceiling1Round to ceiling of specified level
check_namesCheck marine fish and invertebrate scientific names
colorpalCreate expanded color palette
completeCheck completeness of dataframe
emptyplotCreates an empty plot
fishbaseDownload cleaned FishBase/SeaLifeBase life history data
fishlifeGet FishLife life history traits
floor1Round to floor of specified level
nwordsNumber of words
pvalExtract p-value of linear regression
r2Extract r2 of linear regression
rds2csvConvert RDS file to CSV file
roundfRound and format to specified decimal place
sentcaseChange text to sentence case
slopeExtract slope of linear regression
suggest_namesSuggest correct names for invalid scientific names
taxaGet taxonomic info for marine fish and invertebrates
tcolorMake transparent color
which_duplicatedIdentify duplicated items
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