Man pages for cghaase/GARPTools
Tools for DesktopGARP Data Prep and Model Evaluation

aucGARPArea Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve...
centroidReturns centroid coordinates of raster cells containing...
checkDataCheck that input points overlap with input rasters
commissionGARPCalculates commission metrics of model outputs
confuseMatrixCalculates the confusion matrix
extractRulesPull rulesets created by DesktopGARP
findModRulesPull rulesets created by DesktopGARP
getMedMinMaxPull rulesets created by DesktopGARP
omissionGARPCalculates omission metrics of model outputs
plotRangePlots the rescaled median ranges for environment variables
plotROCPlots the Receiver Operating Charactersitic (ROC) Curve
prevalenceCalculate the prevalence of each environmental covariate in...
rasterPrepPrepares input rasters for DesktopGARP
rescaleRescales environmental variables from 0 to 1
seAUCCalculates the standard error of the AUC
splitDataSplits presence locations into training and testing data sets...
sumRastersSums rasters of the best subset models output by DesktopGARP
totPresRulesGet the total number of dominant presence rules in the...
unimportIdxCalculates the unimportance index of each environmental...
wGARPCalculates the Wilcoxon test statistic
zAUCCalculates the z-score associated with the AUC
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