Man pages for chadhazlett/sensemakr
Sensitivity Analysis Tools for Regression Models

add_bound_to_contourAdd bounds to contour plot of omitted variable bias
adjusted_estimateBias-adjusted estimates, standard-errors and t-values
colombiaData from Colombia
darfurData from survey of Darfurian refugees in eastern Chad.
group_partial_r2Partial R2 of groups of covariates in a linear regression...
ovb_boundsBounds on the strength of unobserved confounders using...
ovb_contour_plotContour plots of omitted variable bias
ovb_extreme_plotExtreme scenarios plots of omitted variable bias
partial_r2Computes the partial R2 and partial (Cohen's) f2
plot.sensemakrSensitivity analysis plots for 'sensemakr'
print.sensemakrSensitivity analysis print and summary methods for...
robustness_valueComputes the robustness value
sensemakrSensitivity analysis to unobserved confounders
sensemakr-packageSensemakr: extending omitted variable bias
sensitivity_statsSensitivity statistics for regression coefficients
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