Man pages for chagasVinicius/RTNduals-alpha
analysis of co-regulatory network motifs and inference of 'dual regulons'.

mbrAssociation-methodsMotifs analysis and inference of 'dual regulons'.
mbrBootstrap-methodsInference of consensus transcriptional networks.
MBR-classMBR objects
mbrDpiFilter-methodsA filter based on the Data Processing Inequality (DPI)...
mbrDuals-methodsA summary for results from the MBR methods.
mbrGet-methodsGet information from individual slots in MBR object.
mbrPermutation-methodsInference of transcriptional networks.
mbrPlotDualsPlot shared target clouds between dual regulons.
mbrPreprocess-methodsA preprocessing function for objects of class MBR.
RTNmotifs-packageRTNduals: An R/Bioconductor package for analysis of...
tni2mbrPreprocess-methodsA preprocessing function for objects of class MBR.
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