Man pages for chaodengusc/preseqR
Predicting Species Accumulation Curves

bbc.rSACBBC estimator
cs.rSACCS estimator
DickensDickens' vocabulary
ds.rSACRFA estimator
ds.rSAC.bootsrapRFA estimator with bootstrap
fisher.alphaParameter alpha in the logseries estimator
FisherButterflyFisher's butterfly data
fisher.rSACLogseries estimator
kmer.frac.curveFraction of k-mers observed at least r times
kmer.frac.curve.bootstrapFraction of k-mers observed at least r times with bootstrap
preseqR.optimal.sequencingOptimal amount of sequencing for scWGS
preseqR.packagePredicting r-species accumulation curves
preseqR.rSACBest practice for r-SAC - a fast version
preseqR.rSAC.bootstrapBest practice for r-SAC
preseqR.rSAC.sequencing.rmdupPredicting r-SAC in WES/WGS
preseqR.sample.covPredicting generalized sample coverage
preseqR.sample.cov.bootstrapPredicting generalized sample coverage with bootstrap
preseqR.ztnb.emFitting a zero-truncated negative binomial distribution
ShakespeareShakespeare's word type frequencies
SRR061157_k31k-mer counts of a metagenomic data
SRR1301329_1M_baseCoverage histogram of a WES data
SRR1301329_1M_readRead counts of a WES data
SRR1301329_baseCoverage histogram of a WES data
SRR1301329_readRead counts of a WES data
SRR611492Coverage histogram of a scWGS data
SRR611492_5MCoverage histogram of a scWGS data
TwitterSocial network
WillButterflyFisher's butterfly data
ztnb.rSACZTNB estimator
ztp.rSACZTP estimator
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