Man pages for chapmandu2/pgxsim
Simulate Dose Response Curves For Pharmacogenomics Analysis

do_simulation_type2Do Type 2 Simulation
lm_methodLM method
nlme_extractExtract pIC50s From nlme
nlme_fitMixed Effects Model Fit
nlme_gene_extractExtract beta From nlme_gene fit
nlme_gene_fitMixed Effects Gene Model Fit
nlme_gene_methodNLME gene method
nlme_lm_methodNLME + LM method
nls_extractExtract pIC50s From nls
nls_fitNon-linear Least Squares Fit
nls_lm_methodNLS + LM method
pgxsim-dataExample datasets for the pgxsim package
pgxsim-packageSimulate Pharmacogenomics Data
sim_cell_linesSimulate Cell Lines
sim_dose_responseSimulate Dose Response Data
sim_pIC50Simulate pIC50 value
subset_applySubset and Apply Function
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