Man pages for charlie86/spotifyr
R wrapper for the 'Spotify' Web API

add_geniusAdd lyrics to a data frame
add_to_playlistAdd tracks to a playlist
create_playlistCreate playlists
gen_album_urlCreate Genius Album url
genius_albumRetrieve song lyrics for an album
genius_lyricsRetrieve song lyrics from
genius_tracklistCreate a tracklist of an album
genius_urlUse Genius url to retrieve lyrics
gen_song_urlCreate Genius url
get_album_dataRetrieve artist discography with song lyrics and audio info
get_album_popularityGet Album Popularity
get_albumsGet album metadata
get_album_tracksGet tracks from one or more albums on Spotify
get_artist_albumsGet Artist Albums
get_artist_audio_featuresGet features and popularity for an artist's entire...
get_artistsGet Artists
get_discographyRetrieve artist discography with song lyrics and audio info
get_genre_artistsGet artists by genre
get_label_albumsGet albums by label
get_label_artistsGet artists by label
get_my_currently_playingGet currently playing track for current user
get_my_profileGet Spotify Authorization Code
get_my_recently_playedGet recently played tracks for current user
get_my_top_artistsGet top artists for Current User
get_my_top_tracksGet Top tracks for Current User
get_playlist_audio_featuresGet features and popularity for all of a given set of...
get_playlistsGet playlists
get_playlist_tracksGet tracks from one or more playlists
get_related_artistsGet Related Artists
get_spotify_access_tokenGet Spotify Access Token
get_spotify_authorization_codeGet Spotify Authorization Code
get_track_audio_analysisGet track audio analysis by URI
get_track_audio_featuresGet audio features from one or more tracks on Spotify
get_track_popularityGet popularity of one or more tracks on Spotify
get_tracksGet track uris from a string search on Spotify
get_user_audio_featuresGet features and popularity for all of a user's playlists on...
get_user_playlist_countGet count of Spotify playlists for a given user
get_user_playlistsGet user playlists
possible_albumForm of genius_album that can handle errors
possible_lyricsForm of genius_lyrics that can handle errors
prep_infoPrepares input strings for 'gen_song_url()'
spotifyr'spotifyr' package
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