Man pages for charlieccarey/monarchr
Interface to Monarch Initiative API for Phenotype Ontology and Genotype

bioentity_diseases_assoc_w_geneGets diseases associated with a gene.
bioentity_exp_anatomy_assoc_w_geneGets expression anatomy associated with a gene.
bioentity_gene_infoGets gene info, like catgories and labels for a gene.
bioentity_genes_assoc_w_diseaseGet genes associated with a disease
bioentity_homologsGets homologs for a gene.
bioentity_id_typeGets info of a 'type' from an 'id'
bioentity_interactions_assoc_w_geneGets interactions associated with a gene.
bioentity_pathways_assoc_w_geneGets pathways associated with a gene.
bioentity_phenotypes_assoc_w_geneGets phenotypes associated with a gene.
biolink_searchGet a list of results matching a search term.
build_monarch_urlBuilds URL for a monarch GET request.
clean_queryConverts R booleans to monarch_api values and drops NULL...
extract_be_contentExtracts simplified content from response.
extract_matching_phrases_from_listsFinds phrases from list of things, like a list of dataframes.
flatten_list_of_stringsFlattens and concatenates character vectors in a list
list_of_paths_to_basenamesExtracts and concatenates (possibly multiple) basenames from...
monarch_apiGets response from monarch API.
print.monarch_apiPrint method for monarch_api.
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