Man pages for charlotte-ngs/rmddochelper

bookdown_cleanupClean up all files after a failed bookdown build
cleanup_allRecursively cleanup all directories of ps_docu_path
cleanup_outputCleanup a directory from temporary output files
convertLibOToGraphicConvert documents from source format into a given target...
convert_odgConverter Function from Odg to Other Formats
create_beamer_presentationCreate a beamer presentation Rmarkdown (Rmd) document
create_docu_skeletonCreate a skeleton for a new Rmarkdown (Rmd) document
create_html_output_skeletonCreate a Rmarkdown (rmd) document with html_output
create_odg_graphicCreate an empty odg graphic
create_pdf_output_skeletonCreate a Rmarkdown (Rmd) document with pdf_output
delete_filesHelper function to delete a set of files
find_match_deleteHelper to find all files match a certain pattern
genericScaledPlotInsert a plot into a document using a given width scale
get_current_rmd_srcFind Name of Current Rmd-Source Document
get_latest_changeWrite data-time and user that has done latest changes to a...
get_odg_prog_pathReturn Path To Program Used To Create ODG-graphics
get_osGet name of OS we are running on
get_pat_posGet position where search pattern occurs in a file
get_repl_tagConvert a tag to a replacement placeholder
get_rmd_src_with_posReturn rmd source file with positions where search pattern...
get_this_rmdGet the name and the path to the current rmd-file
gsub_templ_patternReplacement of placeholder by replacement list values
has_file_search_patCheck whether ps_pattern is found in ps_file
hook_convert_odgOdg Graphics File Conversion Hook
include_graphics_cmdAdd statement to include graphic into Rmarkdown source
includeOdgGraphicInclude a graphic file based on an odg template in a given...
includeOdsTableGeneric Method to include Ods tables as graphics
insert_include_commandInsert Graphics Inclusion Command Into Rmd-Source
insertOdgAsPdfInserts an odg graphic in pdf format into a rmarkdown text
insertOdgAsPngInclude an odg graphic in png format into a rmarkdown source...
insertOdsAsPdfInsert an LibreOffice table into a Rmd document
knitr_include_graphics_pdfAdd statement to include graphic via...
matDiagDiagonal matrix
matGetMatElemMatrix of strings from base-element and column and row...
matLowerTriLower triangular matrix from a base element
move_doc_to_subdirMove a document to a separate subdirectory
odg_convert_hookConversion Hook for Odg Graphics Objects
odg_draftCopy a draft template file for a odg graphics function for odg-graphics conversion
R6ClassCountR6 Class representing object counts in documents
R6ClassDocuStatusR6 Class Representing Document Status Objects
R6ClassEnumR6 Class representing enumerations
R6ClassTableAbbrevR6 Class To Model Abbreviation Table Objects
R6RmdDocInfoR6 Class Representing Rmarkdown Document Objects
replace_placeholdersReplacement of placeholders in skeletonfile
rmddochelperrmddochelper: A package containing helper functions for...
rmd_draftCustom local copy of rmarkdown::draft
sConvertMatrixToLaTexArrayConvert matrix to LaTeX array
sConvertRowVectorToLaTexArrayConvert row vector to LaTeX array
sConvertVectorToLaTexArrayConvert vector to LaTeX array
sGetParentRowDetermine parent row in demo of Meuwissen-Luo algorithm
use_odg_graphicCreate New ODG Graphics Object
vecGetVecElemVector with base elements and index
write_bibWrite bibentries to a bib file
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