Man pages for chasemc/electricShine
Create distributable Shiny Electron apps

addFunctionToBackgroundJsModify background.js to include the call to the shiny app
buildElectronDependenciesInstall electron-packager and electron via npm
copy_templateCopy Electron boilerplate into appPath
create_build_directoryCreate a directory for creating the new app and copy template...
create_folderCreate an output folder
create_package_jsonCreate the package.json file for npm
get_nodejsInstall Node.js
get_osGet operating system
installRInstall R from MRAN date into electricShine folder
install_user_appInstall your shiny app package and its dependencies to the R...
runBuildCreate an electron-builder release
run_shinyCreate app.R file that starts the shiny app
trim_rRemove html and pdf files from R installation
write_textWrite to a file
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