Man pages for chavent/PCAmixdata
Multivariate Analysis of Mixed Data

decathlonPerformance in decathlon (data)
dogsBreeds of Dogs data
flowerFlower Characteristics
MFAmixMultiple factor analysis of mixed data
PCAmixPrincipal component analysis of mixed data
PCArotVarimax rotation in PCAmix
plot.MFAmixGraphical outputs of MFAmix
plot.PCAmixGraphical outputs of PCAmix and PCArot
predict.MFAmixPrediction of new scores in MFAmix
predict.PCAmixPrediction of new scores in PCAmix or PCArot
print.MFAmixPrint a 'MFAmix' object
print.PCAmixPrint a 'PCAmix' object
proteinProtein data
recodRecoding of the data matrices
recodqualRecoding of the qualitative data matrix.
recodquantRecoding of the quantitative data matrix
summary.MFAmixSummary of a 'MFAmix' object
summary.PCAmixSummary of a 'PCAmix' object
supvarSupplementary variables projection
supvar.MFAmixSupplementary variables in MFAmix
supvar.PCAmixSupplementary variables in PCAmix
tab.disjonctif.NABuilt an indicator matrix
vnfUser satisfaction survey with 1232 individuals and 14...
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