Man pages for chavent/divclust
Divisive hierarchical clustering

between_cluster_inertBetween-clusters inertia
between_cluster_inert_1D1D between-clusters inertia
choose_questionChoice of the best binary question
compute_cut_valuesComputes the cut values for a numerical variable
cutreedivCut the tree
divclustMonothetic divisive hierarchical clustering
dogsBreeds of Dogs data
drawDraw the tree
equality_caseEquality case data
format_cat_dataBinary transformation of categorical data
gsvdGeneralized Singular Value Decomposition
inert_1D1D inertia
make_descriptionDescription of the leaves
make_pathBuilds two necessary conditions
make_sentencesBuilds two binary questions
partitionsequaltests if two lists of vectors represent or not the same...
plot.divclustDendrogram with binary questions
print.cutreedivPrints a 'cutdiv' object
print.divclustPrints a 'divclust' object
proteinProtein data
split_mixSplits in quantitative and qualitative datasets
wineWines of Val de Loire data
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