hist_department: Display Histogram of the Ages of Desired Department

Description Usage Arguments Value


The "hist_department" function produces a histogram of the ages of all Williams faculty in a particular department and year and includes an abline of the average age of all the Williams faculty in the department. Requires the dplyr package for use.


hist_department(x, y, z)



A character string of desired department. See for_department for a complete list of departments to use as parameters. If no x parameter is entered, be sure to enter "y=clean_df" or another specified year


The data frame to be used for the function. Available years to be used are 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. Acceptable parameters are clean_df2011, clean_df2012, clean_df2013, clean_df


A numerical value of the number of breaks desired in the histogram. Recommended amount of breaks: 5-20. Default is 15.


The average age of Williams faculty for the specified department.

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