Man pages for chengvt/cheng

addLabelAdd label to Raman plot
addStatsAdd stats of the model to the plot
averageEEMCalculate average of EEM
biplot2Color the scores by group
biplot3Draw scores as points with colors
biplot4Draw scores as points
calRPDCalculate RPD score
delZeroColDelete columns filled with zero
drawSpecDraw spectra
fillHeaderFill in NA with the previous character
find_ncompFinding ncomp for pls model
find_ncomp2Finding ncomp for pls model (Uwadaira-san's yarikata)
gcProcessEEMGroup and column-wise process EEM data matrix
getR2get R2 from mvr object
getRMSEget RMSE from mvr object
getSRGet SR value from mvr class object
getVIPGet VIP value from mvr class object
knitPostknit .rmd to .md file for
plot_ncompPlot selected ncomp
plotRamanPlot raman spectra
plotRamanLoadingPlot PCA loadings for Raman
plotScore_ellipsePlot PCA scores with ellipse
plotSRPlot SR for EEM data
plotVIPPlot VIP for EEM data
plsplotPlot prediction graph for mvr model
plsplot2Plot pls results for both calibration and validation groups
predict.trainPLSpredict function for trainPLS object
print.trainPLSPrint trainPLS
readRamanRead raw Raman files
sameDimEEMcheck that all EEM has the same dimension
saveContourExport all contours in FF object to png graphics
SRCalculate SR from mvr
trainPLSTrain PLS for train dataset by cross-validation
trainPLS2Train PLS for train dataset by cross-validation
trainPLS_generalTrain PLS for train dataset by cross-validation
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