Man pages for chenshengkuang/mpersonalized
An R Package for Personalized Medicine in Meta-analysis and Multiple Outcomes

coef.mpCoefficients of a Fitted "mp" Object
coef.mp_cvCoefficients of a Fitted "mp_cv" Object
mpersonalizedA General Framework to Solve Personalized Medicine in the...
mpersonalized_cvCross Validation for 'mpersonalized'
plotCVECross Validation Error Plot for an "mp_cv" Class Object.
plot.mpInteraction Plot for an "mp" Class Object.
plot.mp_cvInteraction Plot for an "mp_cv" Class Object.
predict.mpPrediction for a Fitted "mp" Object
predict.mp_cvPrediction for a Fitted "mp_cv" Object
simulated_datasetSimulated Dataset Generator
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