Man pages for chiefBiiko/boxjson
Handles boxing of JSON atoms

boxAtomsBox atoms in JSON
boxjsonboxjson: Box JSON atoms
hasUnboxedAtomCheck if JSON contains unboxed atoms
hasUnclosedCharDoes a string contain a character neither enclosed in...
isArrayIs JSON a (non-empty) array(-like)?
isObjectIs JSON a (non-empty) object(-like)?
isStructIs JSON a (non-empty) array(-like) or object(-like)?
isTruthyChrIs character vector with number of characters >= 1?
mutateInputJSONMutates input JSON for safe processing
splitOnUnclosedCharSplits a string on given character neither enclosed in...
stripArrayStrips an array's outer brackets
stripObjectStrips an object's outer brackets
unboxAtomsUnbox atoms in JSON
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