Man pages for chris-prener/compStatR
Tools for St. Louis Crime Data

cs_checkCodedMonthCheck Month for Single Coded Month Value
cs_checkMonthCheck Month of Year List Object for Correct Properties
cs_checkNamesValidate Number of Months
cs_checkVarClassesCheck Variable Classes
cs_checkVarNamesCheck Variable Names
cs_cleanResultsClean Results Tibble
cs_collapseCombine Months in Year List Object
cs_combineCombine Multiple Years of Data
cs_crimeIdentify Crimes
cs_crime_catCategorize Crime
cs_extract_monthExtract Month from Year List Object
cs_filter_countRemove Negative Counts
cs_filter_crimeFilter Crimes
cs_identifyMonthExtract Month of a Given Year List Object Item
cs_identifyYearExtract Year of a Given Year List Object Item
cs_is_intIs A Location An Intersection?
cs_load_yearCreate Year List Object
cs_matchMonthMatch Extract Month with Month Name
cs_matchMonthsLogic Check for Named and Coded Month
cs_matchYearLogic Check for Named and Coded Month
cs_missing_xyMissing Coordinates
cs_parse_dateSeperate Date Occur
cs_parse_intSeperate Interection
cs_parse_monthSeperate Coded Month
cs_replace_monthExtract Month from Year List Object
cs_replace_naReplace Zeros with NA
cs_standardizeStandardized Variables
cs_validate_monthValidate Variable Classes
cs_validateNamesValidate Names of Months
cs_validate_yearValidate Year List Object
january2018Crimes in St. Louis, January 2018
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