Man pages for chrishaarstick/madstork
MadStork Portfolio Management

add_tax_liabilityAdd Tax Liability function
buyCreate Buy Trade Helper function
capitalizeCapitalize function
depositCreate Deposit Helper function
dividendCreate Dividend Helper function
feeCreate Fee Activity Type Helper
gainsCreate Gains Helper Fuction
get_activityGet Portfolio Activity
get_annual_dividendsGet Annualized Security Dividends
get_cashGet Portfolio's Cash
get_current_pricesGet Current Security Prices
get_dividendsGet Security Historical Dividends
get_gainsGet Portfolio Realized Gains
get_holdingGet Holding helper function
get_holdingsGet Portfolio Holdings
get_holdings_market_valueGet Portfolio's Holdings Market Value
get_incomeGet Portfolio Investment Income
get_market_valueGet Portfolio Market Value
get_new_dividendsGet New Portfolio Dividends
get_ochlavGet Securities Price and Volume Data
get_past_cashGet Portfolio Past Cash Balance
get_past_dividendsGet Portfolio Past Dividends
get_past_holdingsGet Portfolio Past Holdings
get_past_holdings_market_valueGet Portfolio Past Holdings Market Value
get_past_tax_liabilityGet Potfolio Past Tax Liability
get_portfolio_returnsGet Portfolio Return
get_pricesGet Historical Security Prices
get_sell_idsGet Sell Trades
get_symbol_portfolio_shareGet Share of Total Portfolio By Symbol
get_tax_liabilityGet Portfolio Tax Liability
get_tradesGet Portfolio Trades
incur_feeIncur Fee function
interestCreate Interest Helper function
load_portfolioLoad Existing Portfolio
madstork_colsFunction to extract madstork colors as hex codes
madstork_palReturn function to interpolate a madstork color palette
make_buyMake Buy Trade Execution function
make_depositMake Deposit function
make_sellMake Sell Trade Execution function
make_withdrawMake Withdraw function
new_activityActivity Object Constructor function
new_gainsRealized Gains Constructor function
new_incomeIncome Object Constructor function
new_tradeTrade Object Constructor function
past_dividend_incomePast Dividend Income
past_market_valueCalculate Portfolio Past Market Value
portfolioPortfolio Object Constructor function
processProcess Portfolio Activity
recieve_dividendRecieve Dividend payment
recieve_interestRecieve Interest payment
reportGeneric Report Function
report.portfolioPortfolio Performance Report
risk_reportMadStork Risk Report Function
save_portfolioSave Portfolio Function
scale_color_madstorkColor scale constructor for madstork colors
scale_fill_madstorkFill scale constructor for madstork colors
sellCreate Sell Trade Helper function
set_interest_rateSet Portfolio Interest Rate
settle_tax_liabilitySettle Portfolio Tax Liability
test_estimatesTest Estimates
test_pricesTest Prices
to_tibbleFunction to convert activity to tibble
transferCreate Transfer Trade Helper
transfer_inTransfer In Holdings function
transfer_outTransfer Out Holdings function
update_dividend_incomeUpdate Dividend Income
update_holdings_market_valueUpdated Porfolio Holding's Market Value
update_market_valueUpdate Porfolio Market Value
validate_activityActivity Object Validation function
validate_gainsGains Object Validation function
validate_incomeIncome Object Validation function
validate_tradeTrade Object Validation function
withdrawCreate Withdraw Helper function
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