Man pages for chrisschuerz/SWATsolaR
Working with SoilGrids data in R

aggregate_layerAggregate soilgrids Layers over Depth.
calculate_max_distCalculate maximum difference for each cluster value to the...
calculate_soilpropertyCalculate new soil properties
cluster_soilCluster Layers
evaluate_clusterEvaluate Clustering Results
from_scratchStart Soil Project from Scratch
get_layermetaSoilgrids Metainformation
load_projectLoad an existing Soil Project
load_soilgridsLoad soilgrids
new_projectInitiate a Soil Project
obtain_soilgridsObtain Soilgrids
partition_depthPartition soilgrids Layers over Depth.
plot_clusterPlot clustered soil map
plot_soilmapPlot clustered soil map
plot_variablePlot soil variables from processed data
return_outWrite Soil Project Output
select_n_classSelect Number of Clusters
select_soilpropertySelect soil properties.
set_cluster_dataSet Final Cluster Number
soil_projectSoil Project Class
write_outWrite Soil Project Output
write_outputReturn a Soil Project Output in R
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