Simple Functions for Setting Up An R Source Code File For Use on Multiple Machines

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When working across multiple machines and, similarly for reproducible research, it can be time consuming to ensure that you have all of the needed packages installed and loaded and that the correct working directory is set. simpleSetup provides simple functions for making these tasks more straightforward.

Currently it has two functions:

Setup example


# Load packages, install if needed
packages <- c('networkD3', 'coreSim')

# Set valid working directory
possible_wd <- c('/examples/directory1', '/anotherExample/directory2')

The hitch is that users will have to install the setupPkg, but this is one quick installation, as the package has no dependencies.

Comparision to other packages

Also checkout pacman, which has many more features for dealing with packages. While they cover some of the same ground, simpleSetup is aimed at simplicity, it is a very small install and has no dependencies.

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