Man pages for christopherggreen/cggmisc
Christopher G Green's Miscellaneous Functions

fftnn-point FFT
fit.mle.tFit a T Distribution via Maximum Likelihood Estimation
is.zeroTest for a zero value
levyThe Levy Distribution
likelihoodfunctions.tFunctions for Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Student's T...
like-sqllike operator for R
mccullochquantileMcCulloch's Quantile Estimator of the Parameters of an...
panel.qqmath.fittedPanel function for 'qqmathFitted'
prepanel.qqmath.fittedPrepanel function for qqmathFitted
qqmathFittedQ-Q Plot Using a Fitted Distribution
splus.themeS-Plus Graphics Color Themes
stableFitting Stable Distributions
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