Man pages for chriszheng2016/zstmodelr
zstmodelr - Stock factors Models for China Stock Market Investment

close_stock_dbClose the stock database
code2nameTranslate code into name
code_name_listClass creator of code_name_list class
factors_zscoreCompute z-scores of facotrs
fetch_table_datasetFetch many datasets from stock_db
get_assets_returnGet assets return from market and stocks return
get_factor_indicatorGet factor indicator timeseries for stock_db
get_market_returnGet market return timesereis from stock_db
get_stock_datasetGet a dataset of a list of stock_cd from a table in stock_db
get_stock_returnGet stock return timeseries from stock_db
get_table_datasetGet adataset from a table in stock_db
gta_dbCreator of gta_db class
helloHello, World!
init_stock_dbInit param of stock db
list_stock_tablesList all tables of stcok_db
name2codeTranslate name into code
open_stock_dbOpen stock database
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
stock_dbcreator of stock_db class
stock_db_operationsS3 generic function for stock_db Generic function of...
stock_field_list.gta_dbCreate a stock_filed_list for a database of gta_db class
stock_name_list.gta_dbCreate a stock_name_list for a database of gta_db class
zscore_filter_stocksFilter stocks by facotrs z-score
zstmodelrZStockModels: A package for computating the notorious bar...
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