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Tools to Calculate Climatic Comfort Related Parameters

bar_pressBarometric/total pressure (p)
density_airDensity of moist air (rho)
dewpointDew-point temperature (t_d)
enthalpyEnthalpy (h)
enthalpy_intersectIntersection between enthalpy line and 100 % RH line
hum_ratioHumidity ratio (W)
hum_ratio_enthalpyHumidity ratio for enthalpy lines
hum_ratio_rel_humHumidity ratio (W)
my_roundRound to nearest number
par_w_pressPartial water vapour pressure (p_w)
pmvPredicted mean vote (pmv)
ppdPredicted percentage dissatisfied (ppd)
psychrometric_chartPsychrometric chart
rel_humRelative humidity (phi)
sat_hum_ratioHumidity ratio at satuation (W_s)
sat_w_pressSatuated water vapour pressure (p_ws)
slope_rel_humSlope of relative humidity line
specific_volSpecific volume (v)
theme_climateengCustom ggplot2 theme
theme_climateeng_psyCustom ggplot2
theme_parmsggplot2 parameters
wetbulb_intersectWet-bulb intersection with dry-bulb temperature axis
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