The goal of coauthornetwork is to plot a network of authors-coauthors from Google Scholar.


You can install it from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


The package only has two functions: grab_network to extract the network of coauthors and plot_coauthors to plot the network as a ggraph. The only thing you need is the string in the Google Scholar profile after the root of the website. For example, a Google Scholar profile URL is typically structured like this grab_network will accept the end of the URL: citations?user=amYIKXQAAAAJ&hl=en and search for the network of coauthors.

A basic example:


final_network <- grab_network('citations?user=amYIKXQAAAAJ&hl=en', n_coauthors = 5)
plot_coauthors(final_network, size_labels = 3)

grab_network has an additional argument called n_deep which controls the degree of depth in which to go down the coauthorship list. An n_deep of 1 (default) will grab all of the coauthors of the Google Scholar profile and also their coauthors. An n_deep of 2 will expand to this:

Google Scholar Profile – > Coauthors –> Coauthors –> Coauthors

I urge the user to use an n_deep of 2 at most because the network can grow exponentially with an n_deep of 2 or above. For example..

final_network <- grab_network('citations?user=amYIKXQAAAAJ&hl=en', n_coauthors = 10, n_deep = 2)
plot_coauthors(final_network, size_labels = 3)

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