Man pages for cimentadaj/datos_gob
Interact with the API to download data from all of Spain

data_list_correctCheck data_list is in correct formats
datos_publisherRequest all available publishers from
extract_access_urlExtract access URL to the actual data from data_list
extract_dateExtract the date at which the data was submitted from...
extract_datosExtract data and metadata from an end path of <URL:...
extract_descriptionExtract description from data_list
extract_endpathExtract the end path of the dataset that directs to...
extract_keywordsExtract keywords from data_list
extract_languageExtract access languages available from data_list
extract_metadataExtract all metadata from a data_list
extract_publisherExtract the publisher of the dataset from data_list
extract_titleExtract title from data_list
extract_urlExtract URL from from data_list
extract_url_formatExtract the format of the dataset from data_list
get_dataFunction for getting data from the website.
get_respMake GET requests with repeated trials
get_resp_paginatedMake GET requests over several pages of an API
is_readableGet prefered method to download data (if possible)
make_urlBuild a custom url using the httr url class
path_begin_end_dateBuild a url with a complete begin-end date/ prefix URL
path_catalogBuild a url with a complete catalog/ prefix URL
path_dataset_idBuild a url with an ID of a dataset
path_datasetsBuild a url with a complete datasets/ prefix URL
path_distributionBuild a url with a complete distribution/ prefix URL
path_publishersBuild a url with a complete publishers/ prefix URL
translate_publisherTranslate publisher code to publisher name
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