Man pages for cjcampbell/IsoModAT
Isotope Clustering and Assignment Tools

clusterSimmatrixHierarchical clustering analysis of similarity matrix
getPrecisionParCalculate model precision at given threshold values (in...
isoscapeExample isoscape data
isotopeAssignmentModelIsotope assignment model function
makeOddsSurfacesConverts normalized probability surface (e.g. one layer...
makeQuantileSimulationSurfaceConverts normalized probability surface (e.g. one layer...
makeQuantileSurfacesConverts normalized probability surface (e.g. one layer...
oddsAtSamplingLocationOdds ratio at coordinates function
projectClustersFunction to project clusters
quantileAtSamplingLocationQuantile at coordinates function
schoenersDCalculates Schoener's D-value between two rasterLayers.
simmatrixMakerGenerates similarity matrix for rasterStack
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