Man pages for cjvanlissa/motley
Motley R-functions

as.numeric.factorConvert factor with numeric labels to numeric
batchRenameBatch rename files
calc_i2Calculate I^2 for a multilevel meta-analysis
compareLogisticModelsCompare logistic regression models
conf_intAdd confidence intervals to Mplus output
corTableExtract correlation tables from mplusModel
count_referencesCount references (in text on clipboard)
doEFAConduct a full EFA analysis
escape_specialEscape special characters
est_sigAdd significance asterisks to Mplus output
EtaSqCalculate partial eta squared for anova
find_in_filesFind text in files
format_numericFormat numeric columns
funnel_plotlyfiCreate an interactive funnel plot
ifnofileRun if file does (not) exist, else load file
logisticPseudoR2sReturn pseudo R2s for a logistic model
makeKeysListMake a keys list
MplusConstrainModelsConstrain Mplus syntax (old, redundant version)
mplusToTableTabulate Mplus output (old, redundant version)
param_labelAdd parameter labels to Mplus output
pomsApply POMS-coding to data
poolSDPool standard deviations
printResultsPrint results of different types of analyses
printResultsTablePrint Mplus results table formatted for publication
rb_from_rpbCalculate biserial correlation from point-biserial...
rbind_tablesRow-binds tables for publication
reportReport formatted number
rpb_from_fCalculate point-biserial correlation from F-value and sample...
save_chunkRun chunk and save to file, load file if it exists
SB_chisq_PvaluesSatorra-Bentler corrected chi-square tests for table
SBChisquareSatorra-Bentler corrected chi-square test
screenResponsesScreen data for nonsense answers
t_test_coefConduct t-test for coefficients of a model
update_citekeysUpdate citekeys using fuzzy string matching
z_test_coefConduct z-test for coefficients of a model
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