Man pages for ck37/varImpact
Variable Importance Estimation Using Targeted Causal Inference (TMLE)

create_cv_foldsStratified CV to insure balance (by one grouping variable, Y)
estimate_tmleGet TMLE estimate: E[Y | A = 1, W].
estimate_tmle2Get TMLE estimate: E[Y | A = 1, W].
exportLatexExport varimpact results as Latex tables
factors_to_indicatorsConvert a dataframe of factor into separate indicators.
max_sqrFind the maximum of the squared values.
plot_varPlot the varimpact results for a given variable
print.varImpactCustom printing of the varimpact results.
quantiles_equivalentChecks if two quantiles have the same sample value for a...
reduce_dimensionsReduce variables in a dataframe to a target number of...
restrict_by_quantilesRemove columns from a dataframe if they do not have...
results_by_levelAggregate the results_by_fold_and_level df into a...
separate_factors_numericsSplit df into one of only factors and one of only numerics.
sum_naGet missingness for each column
tmle_estimate_qpurpose: estimate Q=E(Y |Z, A,W) data-adaptively,
varImpactVariable importance estimation using causal inference...
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