Man pages for claus-e-andersen/clanLattice
R functions Lattice plotting

clanLatticeVersion function for the clanLattice library
panel.binned.errorbarsLattice plotting panel for binned data (e.g. aggregared...
panel.binned.errorbars.demoDemonstration of the use of panel.binned.errorbars for...
panel.ebarsErrorbar panel for Lattice graphics
panel.ebars.demoDemonstration of how to use panel.ebars for drawing error...
panel.statLattice panel for adding summary statistics to graphs
print.trellis.plotsHelp place multiple lattice plots on a single page
reorder.factorReorder a vector of type factor
reorder.for.trellisReorder a factor such that lattice plots come out in the...
set.trellisDefine defaults for lattice plotting
show.trellis.colorsShow available colors in Lattice graphs
show.trellis.symbolsShow available colors and symbols for Lattice graphics
stack.for.trellisStack a dataframe such that it is ideal for Lattice graphics...
txtplotMake a Lattice graph of text and data
txtplot.demoThis function provides demonstrations of the use of texplot
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