Man pages for clauswilke/multiscales
Multivariate scales for 'ggplot2'

bivariate_rangeConstructor for bivariate range object
bivariate_scaleConstructor for bivariate scale object
FL_house_valuesMedian house values Florida counties
guide_colourboxColourbox guide
guide_colourfanColourfan guide
multiscalesMultivariate scales for ggplot2
pal_bivariate_cartoBivariate palette based on Carto colors
pal_hue_satHue-saturation palette using HSV color space
pal_vsupVariance suppressing uncertainty palette
pal_vsup_cartoValue-suppressing uncertainty palettes using carto colors
pal_vsup_viridisValue-suppressing uncertainty palettes using viridis colors
train_bivariateTrain range for bivariate scale
US_pollingPolling data from the 2016 US presidential election
zipZip two or more lists into a list of lists
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